About Dr. Spencer Storey

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Originally from St.Louis, Missouri. Dr. Storey graduated with his Doctorate of chiropractic from Logan University. One year after completing his Doctorate Dr. Storey completed his Masters in Sports Rehabilitation. Including the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Storey is certified in dry needling and performs various soft tissue techniques for all types of musculoskeletal injuries.

Previously Dr. Storey provided chiropractic care for the community of Salida, Colorado. He and his family moved to Colorado Springs November 2017.

Dr. Storey is also certified in strength and conditioning from the Track and Field and Cross-Country Coach’s Association (T&FCCCA) and has additional trainings in gait analysis and sprint biomechanics. He has trained several track and field athletes improving their times by an average of 3 seconds or better in the 200m, 300m hurdles, and 400m. Dr. Storey is married to Michelle Storey and they have three children, Sienna 14, Carson 12, and Gavin 7.

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